Superior Hills Elementary
 School is Starting Up Safe!

We know this is a difficult time for students, parents, and educators, and we want to let you know that we are taking all possible steps to keep our students safe while providing an excellent educational experience.

Watch our video above to hear from Principal Zack Sedgwick and others on how things are going, what the school looks like, and what it's like for the students.

Below you will find information such important documents, photos, contact form and more!

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What will it look like?

Busing/Drop Off

For students who ride the bus: Signage will be displayed on all buses to ensure the appropriate use of face coverings for all students and drivers, use of hand sanitizers and cleaning protocols. MAPS bus drivers will dispense hand sanitizer to every rider as they enter the bus. Disposable face masks will be placed at the entrance of the bus each morning before each run for students who may not otherwise have such covering.

For students who are dropped off: we will be implementing a staggered arrival to start this school year.  Please note that the arrival procedures will be adjusted throughout the year to ensure safety and equity for all families.

  • At 8:45, families with last names A-K should arrive and students enter classrooms by way of the teacher’s exterior door.

  • At 8:55, families with last names L-Z should arrive and students enter classrooms by way of the teacher’s exterior door.

  • Superior Hills will follow CDC guidelines to help ensure a safe start to the school day.

  • To ensure student safety during arrival, parents will be asked to bring their children to the exterior classroom door. Teacher names will be posted on exterior doors to help parents find the appropriate classroom door.


Desks have been moved 6 feet apart where possible to facilitate physical distancing. Teachers and students will wear masks, and we will reduce the use of shared materials. Staff will limit use of classroom materials to small groups and disinfect between use, or provide adequate supplies to assign for individual student use. Every classroom will be supplied with hand sanitizer, wipes, disposable masks, etc. Teachers will wipe down the students’ desks when students are not in the room.

Sign Out / Sign In During the School Day:

  • In order to provide the best security possible for your child, we require that all children leaving school during the school day be signed out by a parent/guardian in the school office.

  • If another adult is to pick up your child, please send a note with your child in the morning.

  • If your child returns to school on the same day, please come to the office to sign your child back into school.

  • Parents who are picking up their child during the day will be asked to wait in the office. Parents are not to come to the classroom’s exterior doors during the school day.


  • School ends at 3:45. Students pickups will take place at the same exterior classroom doors as they did with arrival. Parents are encouraged to travel to classrooms via the north side of the building (playground). Parents are not allowed in the building during dismissal and must wait until 3:45 to come to the classroom doors.

  • Superior Hills will follow CDC guidelines to help ensure a safe end to the school day.

  • As with arrival, families will be encouraged to park on both the west and east sides of the gymnasium and travel to the classrooms via the east side of the building (playground).

Important Information

School Communications

To help limit the number of platforms parents have to manage, MAPS K-8 buildings have all agreed to use Bloomz as our primary communication app.

Hand Washing/Sanitizing 

Hand sanitizer is available on MAPS busses and dispensed to every student as they enter the bus.


During the school day, Students and teachers will have scheduled handwashing with soap and water every 2-3 hours.

Health Screenings Before School

It is highly encouraged that families conduct a quick health screening on their kids before sending them to school. If they exhibit any respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, or have a temperature of 100.4 or greater, they should stay home.

Distant Learning Due to Closure Expectations

MAPS will move to online learning if Governor Whitmer moves our region to Phase 1-3. In the event that we have to move to distant learning, MAPS will provide a rigorous and robust distance learning program for students. Teachers will track student participation; monitor student wellness; grade assignments, homework and quizzes; provide feedback on student work; and issue report cards at all levels two times per year.

Mask Requirements

Facial coverings must be worn by preK-12th MAPS students, staff, and bus drivers. Facial coverings may be reusable fabric or disposable level-one (basic) grade surgical masks. Families can provide their own masks if preferred, but face coverings will be ordered and available to every student and staff member on a daily basis.

Attendance Expectations

MAPS will provide a rigorous and robust distance learning program for students in grades preK-12. Unlike this past spring when students were not mandated to attend online learning and districts were forbidden from granting credit or grades, the state is requiring compulsory attendance for 180 school days.


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