Powell Township School is Starting Up Safe!

We know this is a difficult time for students, parents, and educators, and we want to let you know that we are taking all possible steps to keep our students safe while providing an excellent educational experience.


Watch our video above to hear from Superintendent and Principal Jill Bevins on how things are going, what the school looks like, and what it's like for the students.


Below you will find information such as photos, Frequently Asked Questions, and more!


Can students to ride the bus to school?

Yes. The bus will continue to run its normal schedule; however, students must wear a mask at all times on the bus. Hand sanitizer is available upon entry and seats are assigned and filled starting from the back of the bus and moving forward. Once the bus arrives to the school, students are dismissed from the front to the back, socially distanced.

How do I know if my student should stay home?

We ask that parents check temperatures and monitor their students and family members for symptoms. Please keep your students home if they have symptoms or if they have had possible exposure to someone with symptoms.

How do students get around the school?

All students must enter the school from the door located by the office (door # 1) and exit the school from the door located by the gym (door #3). Hand sanitizer and disposable masks are available at each door. The hallways are being treated like one way streets, the main floor hall rubs East to West- from the office towards Mr. Gill’s and Mr. Bradley’s Classrooms. The lower level runs West to East- from the lunchroom towards the board room.

What happens during mealtimes?

Both breakfast and Lunch will continue to be free for all students. Breakfast is available on a cart upon students' arrival, if they choose to participate they can grab a breakfast bag and eat it in their classroom. Lunch is delivered to each classroom during their regular scheduled lunch times.

Is recess still taking place?

Yes, recess is still taking place, but is being done by classrooms. The same applies for the morning walks- each classroom still goes for a walk, with social distancing in mind.

Are face masks required?

Masks must be worn by all students when they are in the hallways, traveling outside of the classroom, and on the bus. Students in Pre K- 2nd grade may take their masks off once they are inside of their classrooms. Students in grades 3rd-8th Must wear their masks anytime they are inside the school, and any time they cannot socially distance while outdoors. Teachers provide times for mask breaks. Teachers and Staff are required to wear masks at all times. There are disposable masks available at the school for students/visitors who require them. It is a good idea to have children practice mask etiquette at home.

Are special classes still happening?

Specials such a Music and Art are still taking place; however, they are being brought to the students inside of the classroom.

What school supplies does my student need?

As you may have noticed, there is not a school supply list this year. The school will provide all supplies required for each student. Additionally, we have a large variety of backpacks available for anyone who would like one. We would ask that if you are able, please provide your student with a plastic pencil box to contain their belongings.

Is the school following any special cleaning protocols?

The school is being cleaned every three hours, with common areas getting extra attention. We have also purchased a fogger and will use it to clean the busses thoroughly after each trip.

Can students still use the water fountains?

No, we will not be using the water fountains at this time. We provide paper cups in each classroom to drink from, or you may provide your student with a water bottle.

What happens if someone needs to visit the school?

Anyone who visits the school is now required to fill out a visitor’s log, which is located at the main entrance and in the office.



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