Marquette Middle & High School is Starting Up Safe! 

Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year. We are excited to greet our face to face, virtual and hybrid learners. While nothing is normal about the start of this school year, a return to learning will provide some normalcy. 


Watch our video above to hear from Superintendent William Saunders on how things are going, what the school looks like, and what it's like for the students.

Back to School:
What will it look like?


Signage will be displayed on all buses to ensure the appropriate use of face coverings for all students and drivers, use of hand sanitizers and cleaning protocols. MAPS bus drivers will dispense hand sanitizer to every rider as they enter the bus. Disposable face masks will be placed at the entrance of the bus each morning before each run for students who may not otherwise have such covering.


Teachers and students will wear masks, and we will reduce the use of shared materials. Staff will limit use of classroom materials to small groups and disinfect between use, or provide adequate supplies to assign for individual student use. Every classroom will be supplied with hand sanitizer, wipes, disposable masks, etc. Teachers will wipe down the students’ desks when students are not in the room. Each classroom has a hygiene protocol with timelines that are posted including a hand-washing schedule and a room and materials cleaning schedule.


Students, teachers, and staff must use proper hand hygiene techniques before and after every practice, event, or other gathering. Every participant should confirm that they are healthy and without any symptoms prior to any event. All equipment is disinfected before and after use. Indoor weight rooms and physical conditioning activities that require shared equipment are suspended. Outdoor physical conditioning activities are allowed while maintaining social distancing.

Cleaning Protocols

MAPS custodial staff will walk the building spraying/wiping all high frequency usage areas at approximately 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and following any evening activities in the building. Staff will note the time and date and initials on a chart that is kept daily. MAPS classroom teachers wipe down the students’ desks when students are not in the room after every period with EPA-approved disinfectant or diluted bleach solution. Locked storage units with ventilation for cleaning materials will be available for all staff as needed. All classrooms have the appropriate EPA-approved disinfectant or diluted bleach solution in their rooms.

Important Information

Contact Information

It will be extremely important for us to have updated contact information in our systems. If your address, phone number, email address, etc. have changed in the past year, please double-check with the school to ensure that our records are accurate.

Hand Sanitizing Stations Outside Classrooms

A hand sanitizing station will be available either inside or outside of every classroom in our building. Staff and students will sanitize their hands before entering the classroom.

Health Screenings Before School

It is highly encouraged that families conduct a quick health screening on their kids before sending them to school. If they exhibit any respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, or have a temperature of 100.4 or greater, they should stay home.

Distance Learning Due to Closure Expectations

MAPS will move to distance learning if there is a positive case within our building. In the event that we have to move to distance learning, our teachers will be using Google Classroom to deliver instruction. Please make sure you get your child’s login information from their teacher. If you have questions regarding internet connectivity or devices, please reach out to the school.

Mask Requirement

Facial coverings must be worn by preK-12th MAPS students, staff, and bus drivers. Facial coverings may be reusable fabric or disposable level-one (basic) grade surgical masks. Families can provide their own masks if preferred, but face coverings will be ordered and available to every student and staff member on a daily basis.

Attendance Expectations

MAPS will provide a rigorous and robust distance learning program for students in grades preK-12. Unlike this past spring when students were not mandated to attend online learning and districts were forbidden from granting credit or grades, the state is requiring compulsory attendance for 180 school days.



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